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Supermarine Spitfire Mk Vb Trop

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Model review

Hasegawa 1/48 JT5

This Spitfire Mk Vb Trop kit is the famous quality of Hasegawa. I found only one little fault. Armor plate behind the pilot was too low and I had to raise it up a little. There are markings and painting guides for four different planes. Decals are also good quality.


The Supermarine Spitfire is probably the most famous and possibly the most beautiful fighter ever built. The prototype first flew in 1936 and with the same airframe the Spitfire remained in production throughout the WW 2 being the only Allied fighter to do so. When the engines become more powerfull and heavier, almost the same airframe with minor changes could accommodate the increased power and size of them.

The main designer was Reginald Mitchell. The new Rolls-Royce PV.12 engine, which was later named Merlin, was used in the prototype. The Spitfire was the first streched-skin all metal fighter in Britain. With its different versions it was the main fighter of the Fighter Command during the WW 2.

The Spitfire is always remembered as the plane that won the Battle of Britain, even though the Hawker Hurricane carried the major load. The Spitfire Mk I was in service at the opening stage of the WW 2. The Spitfire Mk V came in service in March 1941. The Spitfire Mk V was developed from the Mk I. It had more powerful engine in strengthened fuselage and many little detail changes. It was the main fighter of the RAF during 1941 - 1942.

The Spitfire Mk V b Trop, UF-Y EP-455, belonged to No. 601 squadron in North Africa at Mariut in July 1943. It had sand filter under its nose which reduced its speed little. No. 601 squadron come to Malta on the deck of the US carrier Wasp and it took part to the battle of Malta. From Malta the squadron flew to Noth Africa where it flew close air support missons, later with bombs. From North Africa the squadron mooved to Sisily Italy.

Technical data of Spitfire Mk Vb

Engine 1440 hp Rolls-Royce Merlin 45
Dimensions Span 11,23 m; length 9,12 m
Weights Empty 2298 kg; normal take off 3062 kg
Performance Max. speed (Mk Vc) 590 km/h with sand filter installed
Armament 2 x 20 mm cannon, 4 x 0.303 mg, two 113 kg bombs or one 227 kg bomb
Production Va 94, Vb 3923, Vc 2447


Spitfire in action, Squadron/Signal
Fighter Squadrons of the RAF and their aircrafts by John Rawlings

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