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Jari's Airshow and Air Museum photo gallery

On these pages I will show to you my airshow and museum photos taken during the last years...

The Flying Legends Air Show 2019

Kaivopuisto Airshow 2017

The Flying Legends Air Show 2015

ALAT 60th birthday Airshow 2014, France

Shuttleworth Collection, Wings and Wheels Air show 2013

Aviation Fair of Pardubice 2010

Helsinki International Air Show 2009

Imperial War Museum and The American Air Museum 2008

The Flying Legends Air Show 2008

ADEX 08, Finland

Rissala airshow 2007

Lappeenranta International Airshow 2005

ADEX 05, Finland

The Flying Legends Air Show 2004

Open Doors at Malmi Airport 2003

Malta International Airshow 2002

The Flying Legends Air Show 2001

Jyvaskyla International Air Show 2001

Rissala Airshow 2000

Turku International Airshow 2000

Lappeenranta International Airshow 1999

International Finland Air Show 1998

Oulu International Airshow 1997

Royal International AirTattoo 1997

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