International Finland Air Show 1998

Tampere Pirkkala, Finland 6. -7.6.1998, photos by Jari Juvonen

Sikorsky Black Hawk multitask helicopter from USA. One possibility for Finnish Army.

Black Hawks max. speed is 296 km/h, crew 2+12, max. load 4500 kg, max. loaded weight 9990 kg.

Mil Mi-17D transport helicopter from Russia. The other possibility for Finnish Army.

Mil Mi-17Ds max. speed is 260km/h, crew 4+24, max. loaded weight 12000 kg.

Mil Mi-17D is developed from Mil Mi-8 having modernized systems.

Kamov Ka-50 is a new Russian battle helicopter

DC-3, Old flying veteran

Fw 44J Stieglitz is former Finnish Air Force trainer

Fw 44J Stieglitz in flight. Siemens A14 engine with 160 hp gives cruising speed of 160km/h.

The only one in the wold, Gloster Gauntlet Mk. II , an advanced trainer during WW II in the FAF.

A-26B Invader from Scandinavian Historic Flight.

Invader operated as fast attackplane / bomber in three wars, max. speed 695 km/h, max weight 15880 kg, 2 x 2000 hp.

Nose Art from WW II days

P-51D Mustang from Scandinavian Historic Flight. This plane didn't took part in WW II.

The plane is painted in the colors that it weared when it was Colonel "Bud" Anderssons plane, in which he gained 16 1/4 victories during WW II.

P-51D Mustangs max. speed is 703 km/h, its Packard Merlin has1490 hp and its max. weight is 5490 kg.

P-51D Mustang from Flygexpo. This plane took part in WW II from Duxford UK, after the war it was sold to Swedish Air Force and then to Israel Air Force.

De Havilland Vampire from Scandinavian Historic Flight. In Finland and in Sweden it was the first jet fighter in use. Max. speed 815 km/h, thrust 1400 kp, max. weight 5600 kg.

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